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Chesneys Alchemy Bioethanol Fires

We have been keeping up to date with the advance of bioethanol fires. As a result, we are now delighted to offer Chesneys Alchemy Bioethanol Fire Collection.  However, before we introduce the product range here is a little more information about Bioethanol Fires.

Bioethanol Fires

What are Bioethanol Fires?

A Bioethanol fire is a real flame fire which runs on Bioethanol fuel instead of logs, smokeless fuels or gas.  The ecologically friendly fuel is produced from plants.  When ignited it, burns without smoke. As a result, the only by products released during burning are water vapour, CO2 and heat. Consequently, as there are no emissions this eliminates the need for any chimneys or flues which makes the installation much simpler.

Bioethanol fuel burns with 98% efficiency.  It burns cleanly and when lit there is no smell. In short, it is ease to use, clean and efficient.

Does A Bioethanol Fire give off heat?

Yes, is the short answer.  Like any combustion process, heat is produced and the amount of heat depends on the bioethanol fire. However, a bioethanol fire is not a primary source of heat for your home but is perfect for adding atmosphere and top up heat.

What are the benefits of a Bioethanol Fires?

The biggest benefits are that the fuel is eco friendly and the installation is much less intrusive.  There is no requirement any flue or chimney, as a result, they are a great option for any room in your home, from lounge, snug rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms.  For homes where it is  challenging to install a wood burning or gas stove, due to the construction of the building, thatched properties or where there are planning restrictions, there is now a real flame, eco friendly option available.

Chesneys Alchemy Bioethanol Fires

Chesneys is a brand that we have worked with for many years as suppliers of wood burning stoves and beautiful stone fireplaces.  Now, new to the market is their  Bioethanol fires. This unique range of environmentally friendly luxury heating appliances incorporate ground breaking technology in terms of safety, functionality and efficiency.

All of the bioethanol fires can be installed without a chimney and have automatic ignition, remote control, 100% energy efficient and odour free when in use. As long as there is an electrical supply, a fire can be installed in just about any location in the home.  The electrical supply supports the ignition features.

The collection offers a stylish range of fires, with a visually pleasing flame, ease of use and importantly have built in safety features.

ALCHEMY RB700, RB1000, RB1500 Bioethanol Fires

Beautiful contemporary fires for a modern home setting, with copious options for a tailored design.

Available in three sizes 700mm, 1000mm and 1500mm. Each burner is supplied with an anti-reflective glass upstand which protects the flame pattern from draughts.  In addition, the flame channel has a unique V shape aperture which again resists movement in the air around it. Importantly, the burners are efficient to run and provide many hours of burning before the requirement to refuel.

When it comes to installation there are plenty of options. For example, burners can be installed as freestanding (open on all sides) or partially or fully inset.  This means that you can design your fireplace to suit your room.  Furthermore, Chesneys can also supply stunning interior panels with patinated metal effect finishes. These really enhance the fireplace setting as seen in the left hand image below. Alternatively, you can choose a Luxxcon polished concrete fireplace designed to accommodate the Alchemy linear burners.

ALCHEMY FB18 Bioethanol Fires

A perfect addition to a contemporary or traditional fireplace.

Designed for installation within a free-standing fire basket the FB18 range is a perfect for positioning in a fireplace.  Therefore, whether you have an existing fireplace or are installing a new fireplace feature, this is a superb option. For a contemporary look the FB18 is installed into a fire basket with a polished steel top plate left visible and a ribbon flame effect.
Alternatively, the FB18 is available with a detachable steel plate displaying hand painted ceramic logs.  These emulate the appearance of a real log fire for a more traditional feel. Both models can be installed with the Alchemy FB18 fire basket or Chesneys Soho fire basket. Couple with one of the range of Chesneys fireplaces for a really beautiful focal point to your room.

If you would like to chat through installing a bioethanol fire in your home, please contact us.  We are happy to chat through the options, answer questions or book a free site visit.