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Chesneys Fireplace & Salisbury Wood Burning Stove Installation

Chesneys Fireplace & Salisbury Wood Burning Stove

We were delighted to be asked to install two wood burning stoves and a Chesneys fireplace in a beautiful home with an estuary location in the South Hams.  The property was undergoing a substantial build/renovation.  Our work on site dovetailed into the larger project as work progressed.

With this property we were starting with a blank canvas.  No chimney or fireplace, so our clients had the option to choose anything they liked! Working alongside an interior designer, they selected a Chesneys fireplace and stove for their Hobby/Sitting room. The aim to create a lovely space which retained a modern feel whilst drawing on more traditional designs.

Installation - Phase 1

It is not unusual for us to have to break installations into more than one phase.  If other work is being undertaken at a property, such as roofing, it is the perfect time for us to install the chimney system.  You don't want a new roof to be opened up again to fit a chimney flue system! With this project the installation was broken down into stages to work around the extensive working. The first phase, as there was no existing chimney, involved fitting the slate hearth along with the twin wall flue system. The external air was also put in place  - you can see the outlet at the back of the fireplace (see images below). The stove was temporarily installed to test the system prior to the contractors site team building the chimney breast around the flue with fire retardant board.

Fitting the Chesneys Alhambra Fireplace - Phase 2

Chesneys are a leading supplier of stone fireplaces with a vast range of traditional and contemporary designs.  The Alhambra fireplace is from their Contemporary range  and is made from limestone. It has a modern twist on a traditional style with clean lines and strong architectural detail.  Phase 2 saw the fireplace being installed. To complete the look the fire chamber was lined with a herringbone brick interior.  The result, a beautiful fireplace with clean lines creating the perfect setting for the Chesneys Salisbury 8/6 wood burning stove.  Like the fireplace the Salisbury has a nod to the traditional but with the clean lines and styling that gives it a more modern feel.


Commissioning the Stove

It's always lovely to see a job fully completed, especially on a large project.  With such builds we often need to go back to commission the stove once all the work is nearing completion.  This is so we can test the stove in its real environment. It maybe a passive house or the room may include kitchen extractors or have integrated CO monitors.  All need to be in working order to sign the installation off under HETAS regulations.


There is a lot of work that goes into an installation like this. Whilst our work may only take 2/3 days in total on a large project this can be spread over several months.  However, the end result is just stunning.  The fireplace is certainly the focal point of the room, which in our opinion is better than a TV!  Chesneys are the perfect choice if you are looking for a fireplace and stove combination.  The two work beautifully together and there is a huge range to choose from to get the look that suits your styling. So whether you have an existing fireplace or want to create a new fireplace setting for a stove - it is all possible!  Just get in touch and we can work with you to find the look you will love for years to come.

Chesneys Stove Dealer Devon - what does this mean for you.

West Country Stoves is an authorised dealer of Chesneys fireplaces and stoves in Devon.  It's our job to provide advise and guidance from site visit to installation. We have a display fireplace in our showroom along with a selection of Chesneys range of Ecodesign stoves.  Whatever your project, new build, extension or updating, get in touch at the beginning.  It means that we can work in a timely way alongside you and advise on any building preparations to consider.

Site visits play a vital role in the process to ensure a smooth installation.  We can always work with your building contractor or architect to iron out the technical aspects enabling you to make decisions with confidence.  If you would like to find out more about installing a Chesneys Fireplace or Wood burning stove in your home, get in touch.