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Cleaning The Glass On Your Wood Burning Stove – Top Tips

Let's face it, one of the joys of a wood burning stove is being able to view fire as it burns. So here are some top tips for cleaning the glass.

1. Burn Dry Wood!

The worst culprit for blackening the glass on your stove is the wood!  The drier your wood, the cleaner the burn, the more heat you will gain and the less emissions are released from your chimney.  Wet wood will blacken your stove glass and increase the build up of soot in your chimney. Aim for wood with a moisture content of below 20 %.  We sell kiln dried wood which has a low moisture content and burns like a dream, in fact we barely get any glass blackening on the stoves in our showroom.  If you want some advice on which wood to burn then take a look at our other blog post; What Wood Should I Burn On My Wood Burning Stove .

2. Wipe Your Glass Regularly

We use Atmosfire Dry Wipers, which are just brilliant!  Keep it in your log basket and give the glass a quick wipe before you use it.  It doesn't require any water and will easily clean light deposits.  Alternatively you can use a damp cloth and dip it in a little ash and use this to wipe away the soot.  It works very well but you then do need to use a clean damp cloth to fully wipe the glass clean.  That's why we favour the Atmosfire wiper, it's a 'no fuss' option!

3.  Sprays, Gels & Pastes

For more stubborn blackening there are a few options; Stovax Glass Cleaning Spray, Stovax Glass Gel or a Glass Paste. These are applied to the glass and left for a few minutes for the chemicals to work into the soot before wiping off with a clean cloth.

4. Some Glass Cleaning Don'ts

Don't try and clean your stove glass whilst the stove is alight and also don't be tempted to spray water on the hot glass, as it could crack.  And our last top tip is not to use abrasive cleaners or even razor blades to scrap the glass as these both might leave horrible scratch marks.


Lastly, if you have any questions about your wood burning stove, please contact us or pop into our showroom in Aveton Gifford.

Hope to see you soon!