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Ecodesign Stoves – New 2022 Legislation

How to prepare for the new Eco Design 2022 stove legislation

Wood burning stoves continue to be a popular heating choice for homes across the UK, not only for their cosy quality but also for improving mental wellbeing. There’s often a misconception that wood burners are bad for the environment and it can be increasingly confusing for customers to know which wood burner to buy. With the new stove legislation having come into play this month, we’ve teamed up with Arada Stoves to help you prepare for buying a wood burner in 2022.  Have a read of this guest blog by the team at Arada Stoves to find out more.

What do you need to know about Ecodesign Stoves?

From 1st January 2022, all wood burning and multi-use stoves and fireplaces that are manufactured will need to adhere to strict new guidelines. Stoves will now need to carry a SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) approved Ecodesign Ready Stove quality assurance. In addition, the clearSkies kite mark has been introduced highlighting the ‘cleanest’ stoves available on the market.

What does Ecodesign Ready stove mean?

In a bid to further reduce the impact that home heating appliances have on the environment, some of the governing bodies behind the stove industry introduced an Ecodesign Ready certification to help regulate emissions and improve air quality ahead of the new legislation coming into play. Having the Ecodesign Ready certificate means that the stoves produce less smoke and harmful particle emissions, and allow as much air to the fire as possible - ensuring the fire is not ‘starved’ and therefore smoky.

Thanks to our commitment to continuous improvement, combined with our concerns for the planet, we’ve been able to produce and sell Ecodesign Ready stoves ahead of the enforced legislation, which comply with the new guidelines. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your stove was better for the environment before it became a legal requirement if you chose an Arada Ecodesign Ready model.

What does clearSkies approved mean?

clearSkies is an independent certification which confirms that a stove meets or even exceeds the new required Ecodesign Ready credentials. Tested for efficiency and four different types of emissions, the certification gives assurance that you’re choosing a low emission and low carbon home heating solution.

Top tips for buying an Ecodesign stove

To start, the best thing you can do is convert any open fires and update old wood burners that are over 10 years old to a new model that is Ecodesign Ready. It is important to know that a modern wood burner, fuelled with dry wood, offers a low carbon, low emission, renewable and sustainable heating solution. Ecodesign Ready stoves produce 90% fewer emissions than open fires and 80% less than a 10-year-old stove.

With a variety of sizes and styles available, there is an Arada Stove to suit every home. New for winter 2021, our modern Hoxton Stove is an extremely versatile choice featuring a cylindrical base with a large viewing glass allowing a great view of the flames. If you are looking for an injection of colour, opt for the Ecoburn, Farringdon, I series, Holborn or Hamlet stoves, which feature an array of sizes in seven colourways including Spice red, Chestnut and Atlantic blue.

Before deciding which stove is for you, there are a few things to think about including chimney size and heat output (measured by calculating your room size as so L x W x H multiplied by 14). We suggest booking an appointment with your local Arada stockist to help with these details.

If you would like advice and guidance about choosing an Ecodesign Stove for your home, please Contact Us and the team at West Country Stoves who will be able to answer any of your questions.