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Gazco eReflex Electric Fires

If you want to add atmosphere, a visual focal point and a little warmth to your living space then consider the new Gazco eReflex Electric Fires. Electric fires are a popular choice as they can be positioned almost anywhere in the home.  There is no need for fuel, there's no regular maintenance and you don't need to worry about a chimney either!

Undulating flames visuals dance among a bed of realistic logs or shining crystals, make the eReflex Electric Fires one of most captivating n the market. Designed with the very latest LED technologies and offering a choice of stunning fuel beds, this innovative electric fire range lets you decide on the perfect ambience to suit your mood.  So whether you want to add a eReflex Electric Fire to your living, dining or bedroom you can be sure it will add bit of a 'wow' factor.

Three Different eReflex Styles

eReflex Inset Electric Fires

Built into the wall for a minimalist look the inset models will be an integral focal point in your room, whether set into a fireplace or positioned on a wall.  Available in six different sizes.

eReflex Outset Electric Fires

The outset fires give you a choice of two or three sided models hence you can view the stunning fire visuals from more angles giving a 3D dancing flame effect.   As with all models the fuel bed can be easily accessed to allow you to a choose the fire bed of your choice.  Excitingly you can choose from a realistic log selection set on a bed of clear and grey pebbles for a more traditional look.  Alternatively, the Crystal Ice option gives a more contemporary vibe.  Either way you can mix and match to set it up as you like it, alternatively swap it around when you fancy a change!

eReflex Trento Suites

For a complete and easy installation the 70W and 100W eReflex Outset Fires can be combined with a Trento Suite.  Furthermore, these clean and stylish floating shelves can really enhance the overall finish of the fire - they look fantastic!

There are a few options, making the Trento Suites a really flexible choice.  For two sided corner installations the Trento Suite can be positioned into the corner of the room.  There are left & right handed options available. For a more central installation the Trento Suites can be positioned in the middle.  Lastly an asymmetric installation can be achieved with the addition  of a contrasting black decorative column and end caps.

<h3>eReflex Trento Suites</h3>

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