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Why Installing A Stove in the Summer is a Good Idea

Installing a stove in the summer might not be at the top of your mind when it is warm and sunny outside. But really it is the best time for making the arrangements and getting the job done. Afterall getting a stove installed does take a bit of planning. So why not get your home winter ready before winter comes round again. So how do you get started?

Choosing the Right Stove 

There are so many options to choose from!  Depending on the space and layout of your home, you might choose a freestanding, wall hung or built in/inset stove.  It is a decision worth thinking about; stoves come in all shapes, sizes and colours and you want to be sure that you are going to enjoy it for years to come.  We always recommend that you visit our showroom so you can get a real feel for the stoves that are available.  It also means that you can chat through ideas and get advice from our HETAS registered team.

Wood of Gas Stove?

What's your preference?

Gas stoves are easy to operate, clean burning, efficient heating at the flick of a switch.  They can be a great option, particularly if you have a reverse living home and you don't want to be carrying logs upstairs. Or maybe if you have a thatched property, which can make having a wood burning stove more tricky.  Nowadays  gas stoves have a realistic flame pattern and look fantastic.  From contemporary modern new builds to the beautiful high ceiling town houses of Plymouth gas stoves are a great option.

But there is nothing like the homely, relaxing feel a wood burning stove.  They really do create the warm heart to your home. From traditional to contemporary Scandinavian designs you will be able to choose one to suit your property style.  Eco Design Ready stoves are the stoves of the future with low emissions and a super efficient clean burn.  This means that you will get great heat output and use less fuel.  We have a range of Eco Design Ready stoves available from our Showroom - so pop in and take a look.

FREE Site Visit

We always carry out a free site visit to provide you will all guidance and advice prior to purchasing and installing a wood or gas stove.  Some installations are very straight forward, but others require a bit more planning and sometimes building work. We are HETAS registered and will make sure that your installation meets building regulations and will supply a HETAS certificate for wood burning stove installations.

Summer Offers

Summer is often a time when you can pick up a great deal as ex showroom or summer offers may be available. Ex showroom stock will either be ex-display, which is brand new but has just been on display in the showroom or ex-live display, which is when it has been used as a demo model and has been lit.  In reality the live models don't get used too often as each day a different stove is lit on rotation.  So, which ever stove ex-showroom stove you pick, you can be sure of a quality product at a reduced price!

Summer Installations

Installing a stove in the summer months means you have the time to make these important decisions and get everything ready and in place.  Also the summer months aren't quite as hectic, so we can get your stove installation underway nice and quickly.

We all know the British summer months do have the occasional chilly day. So if your new stove is installed you will be able to fire it up and enjoy the warmth without pushing the central heating button!

So come and talk to a member of our team and get your plans underway, you will be so pleased when the temperature begins to fall in the Autumn and you have everything ready!