Stove Servicing

Annual Servicing - How To Look After Your Wood Burning or Multi Fuel Stove

Like any heating appliance, it is important to make sure that your wood & multi-fuel stove is running efficiently and safely, once it is installed.

HETAS recommends that chimneys and flues are swept twice a year if burning wood or bituminous house coal or once a year if using a smokeless fuel. It is best to have your chimney/flue swept before the start of the main burning season, to check the chimney is free from any debris, such as bird’s nests and then either part way through or at the end of the burning season to prevent soot deposits from resting in the chimney during the dormant period.

It is also advisable to check your stove before the beginning of the burning season and for time to time during the season to make sure it is in good working order.

  • Test your carbon monoxide alarm regularly.
  • Clean out the ash on a regular basis, whilst wood likes to burn on a bed of ash, don't let it build up too much.
  • Check that the air controls move freely, so that you can manage the air flow into your stove.
  • Regularly check firebricks for any cracking - these will need to be replaced if damaged.
  • Replace glass if there are any cracks - do not use your stove with broken glass.
  • Keep the glass clean - being able to see the flames enables you to see how well your fire is burning.
  • Check the door rope seals for wear and tear.  If they are worn or there is not a proper seal between the door and the body of the stove, these will need replacing.

If you need to replace parts for your stove, get in touch by calling: 01548 550400 and one the team will be able to assist.

Using the Right Fuel in Your Stove

One of the best ways to look after your stove, reduce the amount of maintenance and maximise the life of your stove/flue/liner is to use the right fuel.  Make sure that all wood burnt has less that 20% moisture content .  This will give you better heat output, enable your stove to burn efficiently, producing fewer emissions and sooty deposits.

Quality Wood Fuel from West Country Stoves

We sell kiln dried wood by the bag from our showroom - pop in and pick up a few bags and give it a go!  Kiln dried wood is the perfect wood fuel for your stove as it has low moisture content and gives great heat output and a clean burn.   If you live a little further away then you can order a pallet of either 30 or 50 bags for kerbside delivery to the following postcodes: PL, TQ, TR and EX.