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Morso Grill Forno II

Morsø Forno Grill Forno II

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Manufactured by: Morso

The unique design of this Morsø Grill Forno II outdoor oven enables you to grill, roast and bake to perfection, using either wood or briquettes as fuel. Slightly smaller than the Forno oven, the Grill Forno is no less capable. Once you’ve finished cooking, you can enjoy the Forno Grill as an elegant heat source to keep you warm on cooler evenings.




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This model has been updated from the previous version and now enjoys a larger opening at the front, enabling easier access to the cooking and fire.

The Morso Grill Forno II is crafted of powder-coated cast iron, and sits on a tripod of three teak legs, given extra strength and rigidity with a stainless steel ring. This ring also provides hanging space for any essential utensils you may need when cooking.

The Morsø Forno can also be used all year around – you could even cook your Christmas Dinner on the Morsø Grill Forno!

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