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Ring of Logs Fire Pit

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This is a great quality British product hand made in Wales from 3mm – 4mm mild steel to create a long lasting durable fire pit.

The Ring of Logs Firepit creates a fantastic centre piece for your garden.  With plenty of log storage on hand your fire pit will always be fully stoked!  The swing arm bbq gives you the flexibility to enjoy some outdoor cooking before warming up around the fire all evening long.

Please note: The fire pits have been rubbed over with oil and will eventually oxidise becoming a lovely deep autumnal red colour. However the steel is so thick this has no impact on the fire pits long term durability. The fire pits and bowls can be rubbed with a wire brush and then oiled over however it is fine to simply leave it outside and let it take its natural course.

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Material: 3 – 5mm Steel

Size: Diameter: 90cms  Depth: 25cm Height including Stand:  70cms. Weight: 100kg

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