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Vulcanus Grill Pro 730 910

Vulcanus Pro Chef 730/910

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Inspired by both heat and beauty, Vulcanus flame grills allow an exceptional cooking experience over the hottest flames, whilst providing the most elegant and beautiful alternative to the conventional garden barbeque for discerning homeowners.

The COR-TEN material and ceramic slow heat release core provide superb thermal stability, meaning that this stand-alone outdoor kitchen can be used all year round. The steel cooktop is perfect for cooking meat, fish, vegetables and dough, and for heating pots and pans.

The Vulcanus not only provides a source of heat, but a friendly atmosphere that will draw guests to its warmth. This summer, Vulcanus is sure to become the must-have garden accessory for discerning homeowners who enjoy entertaining and cooking.

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Available in two sizes:

Pro 730 Chef - Grilling Surface 730 x 730m

Pro 910 Chef - Grilling Surface 910mm x 910mm

Both come with a base that gives you enough space to store wood and utensils. There are a range of accessories that can also be purchased as additional extras.  These include a stainless steel cover, oil can or a Multigrid which is a solid cast iron grid that sits over the centre of the fire and can be used to grill meat or place paella pans or cooking pots.

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