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Hot Potato Oven Small

Cast Iron Hot Potato Cooker – Small

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Manufactured by: Hot Potato

What could be better than a jacket potato, slow cooker on top of your wood burning stove?

The Hot Potato Oven make a great gift and are a fun way to use the heat of your stove for a little stove top cooking.  Made of cast iron, these little ovens have been specifically designed for use on radiating wood-burning & multi-fuel stoves and have the ability to retain and spread heat evenly – perfect for cooking jacket potatoes. You can also use it for bread & other veggies too!

Potato cookers are available in two sizes:

  • Standard – Fits 2 medium potatoes
  • Large – Fits 4 medium potatoes

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Additional Information

Lightly brush your potatoes with oil.
Pop them in & close the lid.
Place it on top of your wood-burner.

Put your feet up and relax while the potato cooker does the rest.
The time taken to cook your potatoes will vary depending on how hot your fire is burning.

After use, simply wipe clean with a wet cloth and season with oil.

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