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Turboflame Turbostik


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The Turboflame® Turbostik© is an ideal wind proof lighter essential for a multitude of indoor and outdoor tasks.  Capable of burning at any angle, even upside down, these adaptable multi task lighters provide safe ignition for just about anything. In addition, there is a gas level indicator, a hanging hook and child safe ignition mechanism. The Turbostik© can be used to light, wood burning stoves, deep tea light candle holders, gas pilot lights, lanterns, BBQs as well as DIY tasks around the house and garden such as  blasting rust, melt plastic, seal rope, shrink wire joints, cut lines and much more. Turboflame’s “clean burn” technology means it can also melt synthetic materials without depositing black carbon, so equipment containing plastics and fiberglass can be quick fixed without discoloration.  Available in three colours; red, blue and silver.

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