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Lacanche Citeaux

Lacanche Citeaux Classic

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The Lacanche Citeaux is the best selling larger Lacanche range cooker. Boasting two main ovens (electric, dual, gas) and a simmer oven along with a choice of four hob tops with a range of configurations which include gas, induction, hot plates, chargrills, multi cookers.  The choices allow you to create a purpose built range cooker offers professional performance,  extraordinary versatility and plenty of style.


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Lacanche Citeaux Classic

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Fuel Type

Dual Fuel, Electric, Gas

Additional Information

The Lacanche Citreaux features a range of oven options and grills. These include:

  • One 65l vertical dual function electric oven on the left.
  • A large main oven with the choice of gas, static electric, or dual function electric.
  • One 79l simmer oven on the right.

Hob Options:

  • Classic Hob 3 Burners: 1 burner 5kW, 1 burner 3kW, 1 burner 1.5kW + 2 integrated hob options
  • Classic Hob 4 Burners: 1 burner 4kW, 2 burner 3kW, 1 burner 1.5kW + 2 integrated hob options
  • Traditional Hob 3 Burners: 1 x cast iron simmer plate over 5kW burner, 1 burner 3kW, 1 burner 1.5kW + 2 integrated hob options
  • Induction Hob 3 Rings: 1 ring- 1.4kW booster 1.8kW, 1 ring - 1.85kW booster 2.5kW, 1 ring - 2.4kW booster 3.3kW + 2 integrated hob options

Integrated Hob Options

  • stainless steel worktop
  • 2 x burners - 3kW
  • 2 x burners - 4kW
  • 1 x burner - 5kW
  • 2 x induction rings
  • electric griddle
  • electric chargrill
  • gas grill
  • deep fryer
  • multi cooker

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