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Rayburn Heatranger

Rayburn Heatranger

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Manufactured by: Rayburn
The Rayburn Heatranger is the all new range cooker from Rayburn. It combines the traditional good looks of the classic Rayburn with a new fuel system. It can run on oil but will also run on HVO. HVO is 95% Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil which is 100% renewable. A cleaner and cost effective alternative to oil. It’s also has a highly efficient boiler that will heat your home and provide gallons of hot water. There are three models to choose from. The 60K, 80K and 100K. Each has a different boiler size depending on how many radiators you’ll need to heat.


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Rayburn Heatranger

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h 915mm x w 920mm x d 611mm

Fuel Type

HVO, Oil

Additional Information

The design of the Rayburn Heatranger also enjoys many improvements. Compared to the previous ranges you’ll notice a cleaner symmetry. The oven and control doors line up giving the front face of this range a pleasing balance.

  • Designed to fit modern kitchens
  • Oil and HVO
  • Highly controllable
  • 2 ovens
  • Large boiling and simmering hotplate
  • Hot water and central heating boiler options
  • Available in 15 exciting colours


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