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Rais Q-Tee 2 C

Rais Q-TEE 2 C

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Output: 8kW
Manufactured by: RAIS

The Rais Q-Tee 2 C comes to you in a new, beautifully round shape. The wide door is curved and gives the stove an elegant touch whilst the view of the flames is unobstructed.

Choose from a number of options making it easy to integrate with your interior: with or without base, with legs or wood store, a choice of four different handles, a black or platinum stove colour and lastly a front made entirely of glass or a classic door with a steel frame.

All these design choices are coupled with the fact that the Q-Tee 2 C has excellent environmental data and top-notch efficiency. All in all, a high degree of visual identity and functionality!

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Rais Q-TEE 2 C

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h603/883/983mm x w660mm x d479mm


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