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klover smart 120

Smart 120

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Output: 23kW
Manufactured by: Klover

With a total output of 23kW, the Klover Smart 120 will give you a cosy kitchen, a warm house and plenty of hot water. Fully automated, the Smart 120 will light itself when there is a demand for hot water or heating, get the house up to temperature, and give you a hot hotplate to cook on and a hot oven to roast in. As with all Klover products, the Smart 120 is superbly built, with great attention to detail, and its advanced combustion system burns wood pellets at an efficiency of over 90%.  Nominal Heat Output – 23kW, Nominal Heat Output to Water – 17.5kW, Nominal Heat Output to Air – 5.2kW

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Smart 120

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h875mm x w1200mm x d630mm


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Available Colours

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Available Colours

Various colour options available including: Hemp, Saxum, Lichen Green, Forem Beige, Sky Blue, Mayan Ochre, Jute, Madrid Red, Black

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