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klover star 14

Star 14

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Output: 11.5kW
Manufactured by: Klover

The Star 14 is the ideal wood pellet boiler stove to take care of a small to medium sized home. With an automated burning system and total heat output of 11.5 kW, this sleekly designed and easy to use pellet stove will provide central heating and hot water. With its own built in hopper this stove can be programmed  to light itself whenever warmth is needed and will give ears of trouble free service. The Klover range of pellet boiler stoves use natural convection to warm the room they are in, making them much quieter and more relaxing to sit by than most other pellet stoves.   Nominal Heat Output – 11.5kW, Nominal Heat Output to Water – 10.1kW, Nominal Heat Output to Air – 1.4kW

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Star 14

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h968mm x w540mm x d550mm


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