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klover bifire mid

Bi-Fire Mid

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Output: 27.7kW
Manufactured by: Klover

The BiFire Mid is the most popular of the combined wood and pellet burning Klover stoves. It is perfect if you have access to cheap wood but also want the convenience of an automated boiler that will take over when you aren’t there, don’t have the wood or just don’t feel like lighting a fire. With a combined output of around 28kW (7.3kW to room and 20.4kW to water) the BiFire Mid has the potential to heat a good-sized house.

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Bi-Fire Mid

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h1080mm x w820mm x d600mm



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Additional Information

Burning wood pellets, the Bi-fire can give out up to 10.7kW to water and 4.3kW to the room. Burning logs, the Bi-fire can give out up to 9.7kW to water and 3kW to the room. This gives a combined potential output of 20.4kW to water and 7.3kW to the room.

Nominal Heat Output - 27.7kW

Nominal Heat Output to Water - 20.4kW

Nominal Heat Output to Air - 7.3kW

Available Colours

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