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Escea EW5000 Outdoor Wood Fire

Escea EW5000 Outdoor Wood Fireplace

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There is something special about gathering outdoors around a natural fire and Escea’s built in outdoor fires keep you warm and add a dramatic focus to any outdoor gathering. If you prefer the sight, smell and crackling of an open wood fire, and love to cook outdoors then the EW5000 wood fireplace is the one for you. For long life, Escea constructed its firebox of high quality steel. The EW5000 requires a fully noncombustible structure such as masonry, stone, concrete or brickwork and is fitted with standard flue. If you prefer, the EW5000 cooking fireplace can be installed without the Stainless Steel Ferro surround to create a more traditional look.    

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Escea EW5000 Outdoor Wood Fireplace

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COOKING PLATE - To allow you to enjoy BBQ cooking, the EW5000 features a cooking plate which can be placed at three different heights to regulate heat. When not in use, the plate can be conveniently stored under the ash pan.

ASH TRAY - An easily removable ash tray sits at the bottom of the firebox. If you use a surround for the EW5000, the tray is totally invisible as is the cooking plate when stored underneath.

STAINLESS STEEL FERRO SURROUND - The Stainless Steel Ferro surround stylishly captures the flames inside the EW5000 fireplace. The stunning silver
surface reflects the tones, textures and shapes from the surrounding area.

FRAMELESS LOOK -  The EW5000 can be installed without a surround. This frameless look gives a more traditional option and can be installed flush or recessed into your non-combustible fireplace structure.

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