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Bodart and Gonay Concept 510D Green Studio Plus

Ex – Showroom Bodart & Godnay Concept 510D Green Studio Plus

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Output: 6kW
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Bodart and Gonay is Belgian company that designs and manufactures wood and gas-burning stoves.  The stylish Concept range of double-sided fires offer twice as much pleasure and twice as much comfort, whilst offering striking contemporary styling and wood storage. The stoves have low carbon monoxide (CO) and low particulate emissions as well as perfect sealing and outside air inlet, making them fully compatible with environmentally-benign and low emission homes.

This Concept 510D Green Studio Plus is an ex-showroom display model which has had ‘live fires’ but has had relatively little use  – it’s a great opportunity to pick a fantastic

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Ex – Showroom Bodart & Godnay Concept 510D Green Studio Plus

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h 1156mm x w 606mm x d 526.4mm


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Available Colours

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