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Jotul F171Zensoric

Jotul F 171 Zensoric

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Output: 5kW
Manufactured by: Jøtul

With its beautiful smooth contours and revolutionary combustion technology, this small wood burner delivers both excellent performance and aesthetic appeal. Automatic air control from Zensoric provides superior energy efficiency, making it a clean-burning stove with a low impact on the environment. Featuring a self-closing door with magnetic locking system and an indicator that flashes to signal when to add more logs, making it safe and easy to use. In addition you can have heat-retaining stones fitted inside the top of your stove, which will release the heat into your home long after the fire goes out.

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Jotul F 171 Zensoric

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h 1100mm x w 492mm x d 415mm


Efficiency (wood)


Flue Diameter


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Ecodesign Ready


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You can also choose to have heat-retaining stones fitted inside the top of the stove. These absorb heat and then gradually release it long after the fire has died down.

Available Colours