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Stuv 21-65-H

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Output: 12kW
Manufactured by: Stuv

The Stuv 21/65 Single face is a stunning looking stove and is one of a range of Stuv 21 stoves that are availability in a range of sizes with single and some double faced options. It has retractable glass doors giving you the choice of having an open fire or a closed fire.  The frames, casings and front panels compliment the fire to ensure a perfect finish and enhancement.


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Stuv 21-65-H

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h 1455mm x w 650mm x d 490mm


Price Range

Efficiency (wood)


Flue Diameter


Available Colours

Energy Label


Additional Information

Stuv 21-65-H

  • Heat output regulation
  • Ability to be connected to the outside air
  • Air funnelling option
  • Fan Option

If installed with the Ready - to -fit SF15 fireplace

  • Steel chimney integrating air convention inlets and outlets - no need for decorative grills.
  • Easy Installation
  • The front panel can open to allow maintenance or access to regulation elements.



Available Colours