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Stuv 30 Compact In

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Output: 6kW
Manufactured by: Stuv


The Stove 30-Compact In is one of a series of stoves to offer three usage modes. It is the ‘compact’ version of the Stûv 30 In combining form and function to provide maximum performance and pleasure. The 3-in-1 system enables the stove to be used as an open fire, glass door, or solid door. To change the mode of use you just need to pivot the drum of your Stûv 30-Compact In to the desired position.  There are also three versions for this built in stove:

Stûv 30-Compact In B – Simple flush fitting, with subtle curves to fit snugly into your house.

Stûv 30-Compact In R – Accentuate the slender appearance by extending its line up to the ceiling.

Stûv 30-Compact In Facades – Installed into a purpose built panel with a choice of configurations.

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Stuv 30 Compact In

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h 2000mm x w 503mm x d 514mm


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