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Stuv 30 H

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Output: 8kW
Manufactured by: Stuv


The Stûv 30 H has all the features of the Stûv  30 with it’s 3-in-1 system: open fire, glass door, or solid door but with the addition of height. To change the mode of use you just need to pivot the drum of your Stûv 30 H to the desired position. In order to take maximum advantage of the enveloping heat and the unrestricted view of the flames, the Stûv 30 H has the option of an invisible swivel base.  So, for example, you can direct the stove toward the lounge and then the dining room.  In addition the Stûv 30 H can be equipped with a storage core which stores part of the heat.  Once the stove goes out, the stored energy continues to diffuse over several hours, therefore extending the feeling of warmth and well-being.

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Stuv 30 H

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h 1800mm x w 465mm x d 447mm


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