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Stuv 6 – 66 x 50

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Output: 6.5kW
Manufactured by: Stuv

Thanks to its wide view of the fire and a compact frame, the Stûv 6 wood-burning insert can easily be installed in most chimneys. To replace an older less efficient open fires, or to give your hearth new life, the Stûv 6 will give you a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution. Attractive, ecological and economical, this insert, will give your home a distinctive, personal look: the essential fire.

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Stuv 6 – 66 x 50

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h 500mm x w 660mm x d 414mm



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The Stûv 6 features;

  • Stûv 6 - 46x55: Width 46cm x height 55cm - output between 4 and 7 kW
  • Stûv 6 - 66x50: Width 66cm x height 50cm - output between 5 and 9 kW
  • Stûv 6 - 76x55: Width 76cm x height 55cm - output between 6 and 10 kW
  • Expanded view of the fire with reduced installation dimensions
  • Hinged door with integrated handle
  • Ease of installation into most chimneys
  • Optional external combustion air connection
  • Optional fan

Available Colours