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chilli penguin chilli billie

The Chilli Billie

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Output: 3kW
Manufactured by: Chilli Penguin

The Chilli Billie is the baby of the Chilli Penguin family and is found hanging out in small spaces like camping pods, yurts, shepherds huts and studios.

It is top loading with a round glass window which you can see the fire through and has a kW output between 2.5 – 3kW.  You can boil a kettle on the top surface of the stove and there is an optional detachable side shelf which is useful for putting your kettle or pans on when not boiling.


There is a heat shield enclosure available for the Chillie Billie called the penguin enclosure (as seen in the image).

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The Chilli Billie

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h500mm x w220mm x d210mm


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