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fondis ulys 700

Ulys 700

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Output: 10.6 kW
Manufactured by: Fondis

The Ulys 700 is a luxury inset stove which has full glass frames and doors which slide smoothly up into the wall to open. It is able to run efficiently a low outputs and can be connected to an external air supply. Air sealed versions are available, suited to modern, well insulated houses. Internally the fire chamber design is clever which helps the Ulys 700 achieve efficiencies of 79% when burning wood. The Ulys 700 can be used with the door open as a fireplace.

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Ulys 700

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h1418mm x w789mm x d644mm


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Air ducts on top of the Ulys 700 stove allow hot air to be ducted to other rooms in the house.

There is the ability to connect to an external air duct to supply the combustion air.

Available Colours