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Stove Maintenance – Prepping Your Stove for Spring

As the evenings draw out we all get a bit excited at the thought of Spring and the warmer months being on their way.  As you reduce how much you are using your stove, you do need to think about a little bit of stove maintenance after a busy winter season.  So once your final fire has extinguished we have a few tips to follow to ensure your stove is in tip top condition and ready for action in the Autumn.

Cleaning Up!

Yup, give your stove a thorough clean, removing debris and ash from the fire box, along with brushing any deposits from the baffle plate in the top.  Give the glass a good clean too, using glass cleaner if necessary (for full details on how to clean your glass take a look at our How to Clean the Glass on Your Wood Burning Stove blog).  To clean the outside of your stove, use a damp cloth to wipe away any ash or dust that has settled.

Have a good look at your Stove

Once clean, give the stove a good examination and check the door rope seals to see if these are worn.  You want to make sure that when the door is closed that the seal is nice and tight and there are no air gaps.  Any gaps will interfere with the air flow into your stove resulting in a loss of combustion control.  Door seals can be easily replaced; we have a range of rope seals in stock but can also order specific sizes from the manufacturer if necessary.

Check for cracked fire bricks or baffle plate.  Wear and tear and being exposed to extreme heat will eventually take its toll on even the hardiest of stoves.  If you notice, any cracks these will need replacing. Firebricks can be cut to size or, if necessary, can be ordered specifically for your model of stove.

Check to make sure that your flue/chimney is in good condition internally and externally.  One of the most important areas is where the stove pipe connects to the stove and into the chimney.  If you notice signs of corrosion or holes developing the flue will need to be replaced before lighting another fire.

Have your Chimney Swept

Get your chimney swept.  It is really important that this is part of your annual maintenance to ensure the ongoing safe usage of your wood burning stove. The build up of sooty deposits in your flue or chimney are a fire risk.  We think it is best to get this done during the summer months, so you can light your first fire as soon as the first cold spell arrives.

If you have any questions about the maintenance of your stove, please feel free to pop into our showroom or give us a call on: 01548 550400