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Stuv 6 Installation – Updating from an Open Fire

Updating an Open Fire with a Stuv 6 Inset Stove

A Stuv 6 was the perfect choice for our customer's fireplace transformation. They wanted to update their open fire to a contemporary inset wood burning stove. Perfect, that is just what the Stuv 6 has been designed to do!

This type of installation is a great option for people with open fires for a number of reasons;

  • Open fires don't give efficient heat out put. Up to 80% of the heat goes up the chimney rather than into your room.  However, a modern Eco Design wood burning stove 80%+ of the heat output is directed into the room.
  • A wood burning stove requires less fuel than an open fire.
  • Sparks are contained within a wood burning stove making them a safer option.
  • a wood burning stove has a more complete burn resulting in less emissions and ash than an open fire.

For our customers there was another important factor; their lovely home is also a holiday rental in Salcombe. Therefore it was important for them to have a stylish, homely room with a fireplace that is easy and safe for visitors.

Site Visit

The homeowners had visited our showroom and visually really liked the Stuv 6. The Stuv 6 is a fairly new stove, designed specifically for the UK to fit within an existing fireplace.  Stuv have a reputation for producing highly engineered, beautifully designed stoves, combining innovation and functionality and also meet the Eco Design 2022 criteria.

Our HETAS trained estimators always carry out site visits. Surveying the existing fireplace and chimney, internally and externally is import to establish the installation requirements.  We can then work with clients to select a suitable stove that works within HETAS regulations and the structure of they home.

During this site visit it was established that the depth of the fireplace wasn't going to be sufficient to install the Stuv 6 flush with the existing chimney breast.  To overcome this, we proposed fitting the stove and retrospectively building a false surround.  We would usually build a new surround flush to the chimney breast. However, our clients chose to have it stepped to create a small mantle piece and fireplace with a nod to 1920/1930's art deco styling.


Following the breaking out of the fireplace a concrete lintel was fitted for the stove to sit on, above a good sized log store.   Once the stove was in place the fireproof boarding could be used to create a flush finish. The boarding we use doesn't need plastering, it has a 'ready to paint finish'.  This reduces the time to install and prevents plasterwork from cracking when the stove is lit.  Lastly the mantel piece and wood store were fitted with slate before the final finishing touches of painting & decoration were added by the clients themselves. A lot of our installations only take a day, but for this type of project we would general need a couple of days to complete the work.

We really loved this install.  It was a great transformation, giving the client the clean lines and contemporary feel that they wanted.  The Stuv 6 is a stylish stove and with the black fire bricks the flames visually really stand out. Looks great!

Stuv Stove Dealer Devon - what does this mean for you.

As an authorised dealer of Stuv stoves, Devon we are able to offer you advice and guidance from initial contact through to the installation and maintenance of your Stuv stove.  Our team have attended Stuv training days which gives them a great depth of knowledge about the full range of Stuv products.  Whether you are undertaking a new build, extension or updating, we would always advise getting in touch at the beginning of this process.  We can offer guidance on the most suitable stoves or inset fires and provide advice on any specific building preparations to consider.

Site visits are a key part of the process to ensure all aspects are considered for a smooth installation. Similarly we can project manage the installation from start to finish, working with architects & building contractors to dovetail the stove installation into the larger build project.

If you would like to find out more about installing a Stuv wood burning stove or fire into your home, please get in touch.