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Stuv Stoves, Devon

Authorised Stuv Stoves Dealer, Devon.

West Country Stoves are proud to be an official authorised of  Stuv stoves, Devon.  We are delighted to offer Stuv to our customers as quality, design and usability are always at the forefront of their entire product range. Therefore, if these are key elements that are important to you,  read on and find out more about Stuv.

Why Stuv Stoves?

Stuv stoves have a reputation for producing highly engineered, beautifully designed stoves, combining innovation and functionality. Favoured by architects and interior designers these stoves are often first choice for new builds, extensions or renovation projects. With out doubt they provide a stylish focus to any living space. Stuv have a range of wood, gas and pellet stoves to choose from. Therefore there is  plenty of choice for your home setting.  Several models can be installed with a facades or front panels which not only enhances the stove setting, but also facilitates installation.

All the range (with the exception of the 21/125 and 21/125 DF) meet the Eco Design 2022 citieria.

Wood Burning Stoves

The Stuv 30 has been one of the most popular stoves in the range with its unique rotating doors offering three modes of use. In addition, the taller models also have the option of adding heat retaining stones - perfect for maximising the performance of your stove. Best seen in action, the video below illustrates perfectly the versatility of this stove.

The Stuv 16 with its super clean lines and precision engineering create the perfect frame to watch dancing flames. Available in three different sizes and different configurations this stove again brings a huge amount of style to any living area.

Wood Burning Inset Fires

When it comes to inset fires, Stuv is a master of design.

Firstly, the Stuv 6 range has been produced specifically for the UK market. Due to a desire to reduce the emissions from open fires, this stove has been designed to fit within an existing fireplace setting.  As a result, you will have a beautiful fireplace, low emissions and greatly improved heat output. For example, a Stuv 6 would be a perfect wood burning stove in Plymouth's tall ceiling Victorian houses!

Likewise, the Stuv 21 range is elegant, adding a 'wow' factor to any room.  A retractable window converts an open fire to a closed stove by lowering the sliding glass. Like all the Stuv models the Stuv 21 can come in a range of sizes, single & double sided. In addition there are optional frames, fronts and facades to complete the look.

And lastly, the Stuv 22 boasts an almost invisible frame. Consequently it gives you a completely uninterrupted view of the fire.  Style, however, does not impact on ease of use and maintenance.  So when it comes to cleaning and maintenance the retractable glass door and frame simply pivots to allow full access.  Again to complete the look you can opt for a front panel or decorative frame.  Take a look...

Stuv Stove Dealer Devon - what does this mean for you.

As an authorised dealer of Stuv stoves, Devon we are able to offer you advice and guidance from initial contact through to the installation and maintenance of your Stuv stove.  Our team have attended Stuv training days which gives them a great depth of knowledge about the full range of Stuv products.  Whether you are undertaking a new build, extension or updating, we would always advise getting in touch at the beginning of this process.  We can offer guidance on the most suitable stoves or inset fires and provide advice on any specific building preparations to consider.

Site visits are a key part of the process to ensure all aspects are considered for a smooth installation. Similarly we can project manage the installation from start to finish, working with architects & building contractors to dovetail the stove installation into the larger build project.

If you would like to find out more about installing a Stuv wood burning stove or fire into your home, please get in touch.