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What does a Wood Burning Stove Add to Your Home

If you are debating whether purchasing a wood burning stove is a good idea for your home, let us guide you through some of the great long term benefits that you might not have considered;

Going Green with Sustainable Heating

Yup, a wood burning stove gives you a sustainable form of heating and reduces you reliance on the use of fossil fuels as your primary heating source.  With Ecodesign Ready stoves already available you can be assured that you get superb efficiency, maximum heat output and low emissions.

Adding Value and Kerb Appeal to your Property

There are several key features that are going to make your property achieve its best value, should you choose to move on, and certainly bathrooms and kitchens are very much high on the list. But a wood burning stove is another feature that makes a property more attractive to buyers, both aesthetically and practically, so you can be assured that your investment will add resale value. Also, if you use your property as a holiday rental, which is very relevant to our coastal/rural location, it makes your property more attractive to autumn and winter rentals.

Wood Burning Stoves make a House a Home

A wood burning stove gives your home a heart, offering warmth and homeliness and somewhere for family and friends to gather. Modern stoves, whether you opt for a traditional or more contemporary style are beautifully engineered creating a focal point to any room.  Available now in a range of colours and designs there is a stove to suit every scheme and we can provide plenty of advice and guidance to help you choose the best option for your home.

cortura 850 wood burning stove island III wood burning stove rais 700 wood burning stove

A Wood Burning Stove is a Back Up

You might want a wood burning stove for occasional use, for those extra chilly days or to add ambience to your home during the winter months. However, also consider give the benefit of it being a 'back up' to your primary source of heating.  In recent years we have had a considerable number of customers who have installed stoves as they have previously lost power, or had a boiler break down in the winter months and have been left without any heating.  Your wood burning stove gives you the assurance that if you do lose of power/heating you can still keep warm  and whilst it is a nuisance, it is not the end of the world!

Free Fuel?

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you can source your own wood and store it appropriately you can then have free heating. Store your wood until you it has the recommended 'less than 20{aa69ab7c86764e4f99c9ef196dbe496fc15b75e761e13a2a737eb6a807f31b17} moisture content' and you will be toasty and warm, without any fuel bills.  If your not lucky enough to have these resources at your finger tips, purchasing kiln dried wood can still be a very cost affect, sustainable way of heating your home.

So Just to Recap

A wood burning stove provides, sustainable heating, looks amazing in your home, is comforting to cosy up around and will certainly add kerb appeal to your property if you ever decide to move on.

If you need any further information or guidance, please contact us or drop into our showroom and chat to a member of our team.