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Why Use a HETAS Installer ?

Are you thinking of buying your first stove or replacing an existing stove?  If so,  you will need to consider the installation, but why should you use a HETAS installer?

What is HETAS ?

HETAS is the national organisation working for consumer safety with regards the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible use of biomass and other solid fuels. It oversees Product Approval, Quality Assured Fuel, Approved Chimney Sweeps, Approved Retailers and Installer Registration and Training.

By law, any new installations of solid fuel, wood burning or biomass appliances must meet Building Regulation standards. This ensures that appliances are installed safety. There is a lot to consider including; the size of your hearth, distances to combustible materials for stove and flues, combustion air requirements and heights of chimney/flues etc

By using a HETAS trained installer the installation work can be certified. Following the install a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (HETAS Compliance Certificate) is supplied for the home owner to retain. This certificate is important and should be kept safe, as it will be required by Solicitors if selling your home.

Competent Person Scheme & Training

HETAS provides training courses, along with a Competent Person Scheme registration, for installers of biomass, solid fuel heating and retailers. At West Country Stoves we have HETAS qualified installers and staff.  They provide advice/estimates, installations, aftercare and sweeping (National Association of Chimney Sweeps). Our installers must retrain every few years to retain registration. In addition, their work is inspected annually by HETAS.

West Country Stoves

We always recommend arranging a site visit, prior to purchasing a stove. We can then understand your requirements, offer advice, discuss possible options. Using our HETAS qualified team simplifies the process and gives you the assurances that your installation meets the required regulations. Post installation we can provide aftercare in the form of sweeping and stove servicing/maintenance and are always available to offer advice.

To discuss your stove installation project contact us  or pop into our showroom for a chat!